Flaire has different aspect to sustainability , over a span to 20 years AHZ Enterprises (Private) Ltd.  partners with the creative and talented women of Thar giving them exposure to the world outside; Pakistan and beyond.   The enterprise works on Women empowerment on the “SUSTAINABILITY’ business mode, producing hand dyed handmade rugs fit to cater to one's everyday taste. These products are a rave amongst the clientèle because of the handwork and the culture shown through it.


We have been working on women empowerment when it comes to development of Rugs from the people of the THAR Desert near our borders with INDIA and sustainability when it comes to women of the urban area when it comes to stitching of Cushions and like products for the Local & International market.
The same principles as above we are also using the Block print technique using Natural dyes emancipating from the people of Sindh based on the 8,000 years old culture of the Indus Valley Civilisation.