Our Story

Our Story

AHZ Enterprises (Private) Ltd., brand Flaire’ is registered in Pakistan & in Malaysia. The Company proudly carries the “Made in Pakistan”, banner. AHZ Enterprises (Private) Limited, is a member of the British Interior Textile Association (BITA) and has one of the most experienced representation in the United Kingdom.

AHZ Enterprises (Private) Ltd. primarily focuses to develop cottage industry by using its fabric to out source products from the women folk and by using local talent.

They have to their credit:

  • Development of Denim with Bast Fibre.
  • 5th Generation Fabric for Drapery, Upholstery & Cushions.
  • Wearing apparel made with Bast Fibre & Cotton blend.
  • Cushioning felt type material with Bast Fibre.
  • Special Jute fabric for Green Bags, with design and modern fashion.

Green Building Concept

Flaire’ fabrics cover of 3 major components in the Green Building Concept, out of 5:


No or Low VOC

(Volatile Organic Compounds) & Formaldehyde

Saves Energy

Jute is a natural insulator

Thus, all our fabrics and products attribute to a healthy, green, eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle & living; the other two markers are not related, to fabric.

AHZ’s portfolio covers an array of products made from pure Bast & Cotton blend – from fibre to fabric. This enables us to marshal a nearly complete value-added home textile assortment of products for the retail sector. Thus, introducing a completely new eco-friendly, biodegradable, hygroscopic material with natural benefits and inborn natural insulative and anti-bacterial qualities and added naturally fire resistance quality. We have an assortment of fabric types to cater to different uses.

About the brand

Flaire' made history by dealing with natural fibres like cotton, jute, and other bast fibres, fusing them to form innovative fabrics & products that are not only seen from a minimalist yet bohemian style tote bags and grocery bags but also accommodate interior decorating with chic curtains, elegant wall hangings, and classy upholstery as well as colourful & natural fabric accessories from your dining table to your bed linen, encompassing your entire home ensuring World-class quality that will see you through years to come, keeping in your interest, intact with continued development.

A Brief History of Amin Group

The Amin Group of Companies came into existence over 100 years ago, in the town of Pind Dadan Khan, Punjab where the Jehlum River flows and is home to the Pink salt area, now Pakistan. Amin Jute Mills Limited, Chittagong – Bangladesh producing 100,000/ tons of Jute annually. Amin Fabrics Limited, Kotri – Pakistan. The first ever Jute Mill of Pakistan producing 7,500 tons Jute, annually. AHZ Enterprises (Private) Limited, took a leap forward & conducted research for over a decade in producing research based technical textiles and products using Bast Fibre and Cotton, presenting the 5th generation fabric, to the textile World, under the brand name Flaire’.