AHZ Enterprises (Private) Ltd., partners with the creative and talented women of THAR giving them exposure to the World outside and inside, Pakistan. AHZ Enterprises (Private) Limited, works on Women empowerment on the “SUSTAINABILITY’ business model, producing hand dyed, handmade rugs & runners fit to cater to one's homely need. These products are a rave amongst the clientèle because of the handwork and the culture depicted through them.

We have been working on women empowerment when it comes to development of Rugs from the people of the THAR Desert near our borders with INDIA on sustainability mode. When it comes to women of the urban area and to stitching of Cushions and like products for the Local & International market. No one can do it better than the local folk & the great survivors of the THAR desert.

Their yarn dyeing techniques are natural and primitive, and the women master the art of dyeing yarns while, the men excel in weaving. They sit in pit looms in the scorching heat of the sun at temperatures varying over 45degrees Celsius, in the summer months, under tree shades and then weave the rugs and runners, by hand.