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Jute Planter - Rounded

Jute Planter - Rounded

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A Jute planter is a durable and eco-friendly container made from woven jute fiber, specifically designed for growing jute plants. It provides reduced evaporation loss and natural moisture for healthy plant growth while adding a natural touch to any garden or indoor space. Biodegradables & Reusables,  Water saver, by Flaire’.


Biodegradable Jute, Handle PP Webbing.

Printing: Hand Printing

Care Instruction

Hand wash, do not bleach, do not rinse.


Standard shipping 7-10 days.

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  • Bast Fabric

    Bleached & Dyed to any color

  • Hand Dyeing & Weaving

    A 100% Hand Made solution is always available with Flaire’ Fabrics for its customer

  • Blended Fabric with Bast

    & other natural yarns (hand made)

Sustainable Products

We take pride in crafting our products using recycled materials, contributing to a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach. By utilizing eco-friendly materials, we ensure that our manufacturing process aligns with our commitment to protecting the planet.