Our Story

AHZ Enterprises (Private) Ltd., proudly carries the “Made in Pakistan”, banner. AHZ Enterprises (Private) Limited, is a member of the British Interior Textile Association (BITA) and has one of the most experienced representations in the United Kingdom. 

It’s brand Flaire’ is registered in Pakistan & in Malaysia and are also in collaboration with M/s. Antelope TopLink LLC, in the UAE., for expansion of their vision into the Gulf region.

AHZ Enterprises (Private) Ltd. primarily focuses on developing Eco- Friendly, Green fabrics made from Jute & Cotton. The Company promotes cottage industry by using its yarn & fabric to outsource products from the women folk and by using the local talent, stationed remotely from the borders of the cities to the borders in the Mountains to the Desert areas, of Pakistan.

AHZ Enterprises has to their credit:

  • 5th Generation Fabric for Drapery, Upholstery & Cushion.
  • Technical Textiles from Flaire’ Fabrics.
  • Development of Denim with blended Bast Fiber.
  • Wearing apparel made with Bast Fiber & Cotton blend.
  • “SAY NO TO PLASTIC” Special Jute Green Bags with intrinsic designs and modern fashion appeal.
  • Development of Green Brick without employing any cement, made from Jute, a sustainable housing and temperature control alternative, for remote area development with low cost.
  • Felt type material made of Jute for soft padding and cushioning.

The Company envisages producing furniture from Bast Fibers and is now considering the R&D aspect of the same.

  • Innovation

    Flaire’ Fabric is a 5th Generation development using Jute as the harshest of the materials but most strong in natural fibers and soft Cotton to give it uniqueness.

  • No or Low VOC

    Volatile Organic Compounds & Formaldehyde, which makes the interior air quality good for your health.

  • Saves Energy

    Jute is a natural insulator and when employed in curtains it gives a benefit of 7°C to 10°C, to indoor room temperature, whether it is hot or cold outside. Thus, saves on energy cost.

  • All our fabrics and products contribute to a healthy, Green, Eco-friendly, lifestyle & living.

About the Brand

Flaire' made history by dealing with natural fibers like cotton, jute, and other bast fibers, fusing, blending them or other to form innovative fabrics & products that can not only be seen from the minimalist yet bohemian style tote bags and grocery bags to technical textiles. Thus, accommodating HOME & LIVING from interior decorative cushions to chic curtains, elegant wall hangings, and classy upholstery as well as colorful & natural fabric accessories from your dining table to your bed linen, encompassing your entire interior ensuring World-class quality that will see you through years to come, keeping in your interest intact with continued development towards, a greener and cleaner environment, with sustainable solutions, where possible.

  • Quality Policy

    We believe in deriving extraordinary results from skilled people with professionalism and facilitation to them. We have strived to develop a work atmosphere that self-motivates one to give one’s best and that is why our every product boasts of its own quality benchmark.
    We endeavor to train and guide our people to question mediocrity and exhibit high levels of awareness.
    WE CARE”, from our business house to your doorstep.

  • Our Mission

    Become Green fabric and Eco-Friendly product leaders by combining Hessian with other natural materials, through advanced modern research and development, innovation and design and promoting these Natural, Eco-friendly materials, worldwide for a healthier lifestyle and a better living.
    We strive “TO DELIVER” in the best possible way by adopting sustainable wherever possible, with commitment.

  • Our Vision

    To create a standard of living by introducing ECO-FRIENDLY quality products that will enhance our consumer lifestyle. We foresee ourselves as providing FLAIRE’ consumers, the products which contribute to a healthy & comfortable living, enabling them to Go GREEN, with ease and within the comfort of their home.

Brief History of Amin Group

The Amin Group of Companies came into existence over 100 years ago in the town of Pind Dadan Khan, Punjab, where the Jehlum River flows and is home to the Pink rock salt of Punjab, Pakistan.

Amin Jute Mills Limited, Chittagong – Bangladesh producing 100,000/ tons of Jute annually. Amin Fabrics Limited, Kotri – Pakistan. The first ever Jute Mill of Pakistan producing 7,500 tons Jute, annually.

AHZ Enterprises (Private) Limited, took a leap forward & conducted research for over a decade in producing research based technical textiles and products using Bast Fibre and Cotton, presenting the 5th generation fabric, to the textile World, under the brand name Flaire’.