Who We Are

Flaire’ Pakistan is a brand owned by AHZ Enterprises (Private) Limited, The Company is committed to promotion of Natural Fibers, Fusing, Hessian , Cotton and other natural fibers to develop sustainable, Green, Echo friendly, Home Textiles for you and your family.

The product range is wide from yarn to fabrics to products whether they may be used for home textiles or for architectural and interior design. The intrinsic natural qualities of the fabric include isulative, health benefit as in seating material  and naturally non itch and inturn  they contribute to the Green Building concept by way of innovation, a better indoor environmental quality and energy saving.

AHZ Enterprises is the only Company in Pakistan which is working on the 3R concept of reduce, reuse and recycle. The merging of two natural fibers having different intrinsic qualities to generate a new fabric with sustainable solutions in terms of technical textiles is a landmark achievement by AHZ. This has been achieved after years of research with the assistance of multinational companies which ensures a handmade fabric that meets World’s standards of quality, acceptability and finesse.

AHZ Enterprises is working on the concept of sustainability and believes that if the low income group is patronized then a better functional community base is formed. Hence, we try to promote CSR by patronizing artisans and low income houses and people in remote areas using their skills, diminishing  art revival  and utilizing best practices to promote their livelihood and ensure a better future for their children and families.