Products Journey

Flaire’ products are based on the vision of Corporate Social Responsibility and female empowerment in the delegation of tasks. The journey begins from the fabric. In small homes and villages based in less developed areas, the fabric is embroidered and stitched. Payments are based on their time and productivity at a scale higher than the average, which is also well above the Government of Pakistan's minimum wage requirement. Be it the desert area of Thar, or the local areas in Karachi in which women are faced with great poverty and suffer a poor standard of living

Our designers reach out to them, train and facilitate them, and this results in them learning how to do things the way they should be done. Thus, a benchmark with respect to the products is set, whereby productivity, effort and the fine, intrinsic details of the design are kept in mind and a strong bond is developed, by which ease and comfort is assured. This ease is assured by good ethics, morals, as well as kind and passionate words to achieve the set goals and requirements in a positive manner.

Since many hands are involved in the production process, and many sites can be made to perform; quantity is not an issue. If at any stage machines need to be inducted then the whole process is expedited - however, at all times a balance has to be maintained and is exercised.

Corporate Social Responsibility

AHZ ENTERPRISES (PRIVATE) LIMITED works towards the empowerment of women and their sustainability. The group, amongst its many other philanthropic endeavours, also works for the Health and Safety of the Women and Child through Anjuman e Akhwan us Safa Trust, whereby women and children are provided with medicine, care related to Gynecology and Paediatrics. The Chief Executive of M/s.AHZ ENTERPRISES (PRIVATE) LIMITED has an honorarium commitment and is the General Secretary of the Anjuman Akhwan Us Safa Trust.